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Student Living

In recent years, the landscape of student accommodation in the United Kingdom has undergone a remarkable transformation. The traditional image of cramped dormitories and basic amenities has given way to

a new era of high-end, luxurious living spaces tailored to the needs and desires of today's students.

This shift can be attributed to several factors, including a surge in the number of international students choosing the UK for their education, a growing demand for upscale accommodation, and a promising future for the luxury student housing market.

They have moved from fairly rigid, college style living schemes to

fluid living spaces featuring scandi cool designs in gorgeous

colour palettes. Some of these newer sites look more like

aparthotels, students have well and truly grown up.



The Home of Education

The United Kingdom has long been a global education hub, home to some of the world's most prestigious universities and academic institutions. In recent years, the country's allure as a destination for higher education has only intensified. A combination of academic excellence, a diverse cultural scene, and improved post-study work opportunities through initiatives like the Graduate Route have attracted a significant influx of international students.

As the number of students from all corners of the globe continues to rise, so does their demand for accommodations that offer more than just a place to sleep. They seek a complete living experience that mirrors the quality of education they've come to the UK to receive.

Social Spaces `

Many upscale apartments offer communal areas, such as lounges, game rooms, and study spaces, fostering a sense of community and encouraging social interaction among residents. CRM students, which operates more than 100 locations and 24,000 bed spaces across the UK and Europe has a website that looks more like you are picking a well appointed holiday rental rather than a dorm room.

"We know that student accommodation is not just about the room – it’s about all the other stuff. Where do you go when you need those all important study groups? What about that film night you’ve been meaning to plan for ages or just those evenings when you want to chill with your mates. We try to cater for everyone."

There is a greater focus and value on social spaces, students really want to have a full social experience with different spaces to relax, work and play. Lots of very modern looking games tables are currently being requested.



Comfort and Convenience

High-end student accommodation provides the comfort and convenience that students need to focus on their studies and enjoy their time in education. Features like en-suite bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and on-site gyms make daily life more comfortable and efficient. Another thing to consider, the way students engage in learning has changed in the last decade, especially after the pandemic. Students are taking more and more classes online.

As many lectures are moving to digital platforms, the

student’s den is even more so their home-base rather

than somewhere just to crash and attempt cookery.



Speaking of food, the student on a budget that is eating pasta for the week because they blew their allowance at the pub is becoming a rarity, especially with student accommodation offering gourmet food options! Vita Student Accommodation in Edinburgh, with a private studio starting at £350 a week, boasts, “Free breakfast - fully prepared to head out to your morning lecture!"

Safety and Security

Luxury living quarters often prioritise security, ensuring that students feel safe in their new environment. This is particularly appealing to international students and their families. Fresh student accommodation, which boasts more than 20 locations across the UK and Ireland state - "Resident’s teams are always there to help you when you need them. From settling in and making new friends, to dealing with the big stuff, your wellbeing is at the heart of everything they do."

The Booming Market

The market for luxury student accommodation in the UK is poised for substantial growth. Investors and developers have recognized the potential of this niche, leading to a surge in purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) developments tailored to the high-end market. All of the living estates we reviewed for research promote urgency in getting one of the few rooms left!

"Our properties are selling out fast, so search today before they are all gone.

As a UK-based furnishings company specialising in hospitality, hotels, and student accommodation, this trend presents an exciting opportunity. Providing high-quality furnishings - to budget - for these upscale apartments is not just a matter of aesthetics but also a necessity to meet the expectations of discerning students.

Our Take-back promise

Sustainable procurement is only meaningful if there is a plan for your furniture at the end of its lifespan.

Retaining assets in the circular economy, any unwanted furniture will be refurbished at our in-house facility for re-use or re-sale, donated or recycled. We can even provide rebates towards the cost of new!

Ensuring any furniture taken back has a second life is our commitment to you.

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